About us

We are a British manufacturer of pilates equipment and producing all types of pilates machines such as pilates reformer, ladder barrel, chair, cadillac, wall unit and other tools.

Who We Are

Atro Pilates is British manufacturer of pilates equipment and located in London. Main products are popular pilates equipment such as pilates reformer, cadillac, tower unit, ladder barrel, pilates chair, wall unit etc. We export globally and you can find our dealers everywhere.


Pilates Equipment

Production and distribution of pilates reformers and other pilates equipment.

Training Courses

Professional and comprehensive pilates training courses for pilates instructors.

Call center

Give us a call at (+44) 79 40 212074 or send a message to info@atropilates.com





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Looking for a First-Class Pilates Equipment?

What We Produce

Starting from classic pilates reformers up to customized home type pilates machines, we produce all types of pilates equipment and tools.

In our London factory we produce more than 150 pilates equipment each month. All our equipment are customizable according to customer request. Atro Pilates provides variety of options in wood and also leather colors.

Pilates reformer supplier in the UK

Custom Design Reformer

Pilates reformer manufacturer in the UK

Folding Reformers


Quality Management

Successful quality management is the main part of every business. It affects on every aspects of the business starting from the production up to the sales and after sales services. Managing the quality accounts for the success of the company.

Atro Pilates allocates a substantial amount of investment for the quality management issue. The main part of it goes to the research and development works. A devoted team researches variety of aspects in order to manufacture the pilates equipment with much more quality. We try to make them ergonomic and user friendly by getting the feedbacks from the users of our equipment.




Looking for a reliable & stable partner?

Atro Pilates dealership

Be Our Partner

If you are in a pilates business and ready to open your pilates equipment shop, just become our partner and get a dealership agreement from Atro Pilates.

We provide dealership agreements to all countries. If you want to become our exclusive dealer in your country do not lose time. Contact us now and get a special dealership agreement and discounted price list from us. We give a priority to our dealers in supply of equipment and providing the service. It is easy and completely free to become a dealer of our pilates equipment in your country. All we need is a determined and target oriented team members.


Sales of pilates equipment and tools


After sales service for the sold pilates equipment