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08/06/2015by admin0

Joseph Pilates is German physical therapist, who gave his name to the popular sport branch. He was born in 1883 in Germany and was a sick boy at his early childhood. In order to improve his health his father kept taking him to different sport branches. He especially got a lot of gymnastics and wrestling classes. 


22/07/2015by admin4

Pilates sport became popular soon after its invention by Joseph Pilates at the beginning of last century. Joseph Pilates invented this style of exercises to help the injured soldiers to recover soon. The aim was to provide physical therapy to the soldiers after the surgical operations.


03/07/2015by admin2

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08/06/2015by admin8

What is pilates and where to begin? What types of pilates exercises are best for the beginners? What is correct time for taking pilates lessons. If you are a beginner in pilates, we've collected the information which you need to know before starting the pilates classes.


18/05/2015by admin0

Both pilates and yoga became popular in recent decades. Especially young generation prefer to have yoga or pilates sessions after the busy working days. However still there are common confusions regarding the both disciplines. Some people still mess up with pilates and yoga and use one term for the other one.

11/05/2015by admin0

Opening of more pilates studios means more need for the pilates instructors. But how to become a pilates instructor? In every country, there are local authorities who provide trainings to become a pilates instructor. They usually give a certificate which approves the permission to open a pilates studio or just to become a pilates instructor in any studio.