Cadillac Reformer

Pilates Cadillac machine is the one of the most important pilates equipment and widely used around the world. It is the combination of pilates reformer and cadillac machines to provide more range of the exercises on the same equipment.

Cadillac reformer is an amazing pilates equipment, which is appropriate for more than 500 different exercises. It runs all muscles especially at core area and increases the flexibility of the spine. Furthermore, it strengthens both the shoulder and back, eliminates the tension of the body.

Atro pilates cadillac reformer equipment

The exercises at Cadillac Reformer are complicated, therefore the supervision of a professional trainer is necessary for the safe usage. With sliding platform, it allows to make all reformer exercises without need for another equipment.

By the way, clinics are also using Cadillac equipment as a part of the physiotherapy processes. Additionally, the runners use it to make the leg exercises with Cadillac springs, to strengthen the posterior knee tendons.

Atro pilates cadillac reformer equipment



It has been developed so that it can be both used as cadillac machine and tower at the same time. It allows to perform all of the tower motions thanks to its cage system. Cadillac equipment legs have plastic covers to protect it against humidity and prevent it from slipping on the floor.

High Quality Wood

We use certified, high quality beech wood material with four layers of opaque varnish.

First Class Leather

Leather parts of the equipment are made of first class, antibacterial leather material.

Upper Level Springs

All springs are made of first class steel. 5 types of springs are used for the carriage.



Our cadillac reformer machines are made in UK and we ship our equipment from our London factory. The equipment comes in box and the customer is expected to install it using our user guide. You can download our user guide here along with the catalogue of our equipment.