Folding Reformer

Folding Reformer Equipment is designed to use in a small studios or houses. It is great option for the studios with small spaces. Our patented portable reformer machine is suitable to use at the houses, offices or the outside.

It is easily foldable and can be used at any place. Unlike the classic pilates reformer, this foldable reformer can travel with you, thanks to its small sizes.

Atro foldable pilates reformer

Foldable reformer is equipped with an easy folding mechanism. Therefore, every user can collapse it in a minute. It is an ideal machine for the places with the limited space.

The machine comes in a small box in 10 different colors. After folding, the machine becomes at the same dimension with the classic reformer machines. Smart reformer is appropriate for more than 200 exercises.

Atro pilates foldable pilates reformer



Folding Pilates Reformer was designed to bring the benefits of a studio Pilates workout to the comfort of your own home. It does not need to have a space dedicated for your Pilates workout. Although designed for home use, the portable reformers shares many of the key features of the classic pilates reformers.

High Quality Wood

We use certified, high quality beech wood material with four layers of opaque varnish.

First Class Leather

Leather parts of the equipment are made of first class, antibacterial leather material.

Upper Level Springs

All springs are made of first class steel. 5 types of springs are used for the carriage.



Our folding reformers are made in UK and we ship our equipment from our London factory. The equipment comes in box and the customer is expected to install it using our user guide. You can download our user guide here along with the catalogue of our equipment.