Pilates Reformer

The design of the Pilates Reformer Equipment is based on Joseph Pilates‘ original works. The main idea behind the reformer equipment is strengthening the body with the help of the springs. A single pilates reformer machine facilitates indefinite number of exercise options with proper training.

In fact, todays pilates reformer machines are much more complicated and provide wider usage opportunities. We can use reformers for more than 500 exercises in lying, sitting, kneeling and standing positions.

Pilates reformer atro pilates

Pilates Reformer is the most popular pilates equipment and almost every pilates studio uses this equipment. It consists of the platform, movable sliding section, springs with different hardness levels and the foot bar. Additionally, there is a shoulder support and the head rest on the platform. The machine is adjustable according to the height, weight and physical shape of the men.

Atro Pilates manufactures pilates reformers from high quality beech wood. Its eight-wheel system enables smooth motion.

Atro pilates reformer machine



The main body material is high quality beech wood. It comes with 5 levels of springs. The leather material is first class anti-bacterial leather. The platform is moving on 8 wheels to ensure both the quiet and smooth movement. Reformer comes with box, jump board and mat converter.

High Quality Wood

We use certified, high quality beech wood material with four layers of opaque varnish.

First Class Leather

Leather parts of the equipment are made of first class, antibacterial leather material.

Upper Level Springs

All springs are made of first class steel. 5 types of springs are used for the carriage.



Our pilates reformers are made in UK and we ship our equipment from our London factory. The equipment comes in box and the customer is expected to install it using our user guide. You can download our user guide here along with the catalogue of our equipment.