Pilates or Yoga

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Both pilates and yoga became popular in recent decades. Especially young generation prefer to have yoga or pilates sessions after the busy working days. However still there are common confusions regarding the both disciplines. Some people still mess up with pilates and yoga and use one term for the other one.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a bundle of meditation methods and coming from India originally. Its roots exists in Buddhism and it has metaphysical and esoteric nature. The followers of Buddhism were using yoga exercises to discipline their body and soul. As a result yoga methods became popular meditation among the people. Today yoga meditation centers usually have nothing to deal with Buddhism or any other religion. The main purpose is just freeing the brain from the daily concerns, through the meditations.

Differences Between Pilates and Yoga

Although people mostly confuse the terms pilates and yoga are completely different disciplines. Pilates is kind of combination of sport and physical therapy. It helps to strengthen the muscles and improve the body balance via the simple exercises. Pilates equipment also play the same role as the simple pilates exercises. However yoga is a spiritual treatment to discipline the soul. The main part of the yoga is meditation and it does not need any equipment. Unlike the pilates which can be done individually, yoga sessions are organized in groups. Yoga teachers think a collective meditation can create a divine atmosphere which can affect on every member of the group positively.

Pilates is mostly developing the body and the muscles via the motto of “a healthy soul in a healthy body”. However, yoga does not deal with the body or muscles. It treats the souls and helping to get rid of concerns of physical world via the meditations. Breathing exercises are the popular parts of the meditation.

Although pilates and yoga are different disciplines, both are helping people to improve either the body or soul. Both methods are for the benefits of people. So rather than to be undecided, just start to get classes in any of them. Will see the results.

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