Pilates Orbit


Pilates Orbit – is one the trendy equipment in Europe and US. Despite its simple and small design, this tool helps you to do some complementary exercises.

This workout unit is designed for fixation or static movement such as plank. These units are used in studios and at home in accordance with the workout concept.

Exercises performed with Atro Pilates Orbit have great advantages in terms of body resistance and stabilization. It helps to strengthen abdominal muscles, increase the flexibility and improve the body balance. It can be part of complex exercises in studios.

Dimensions of the equipment:
Width: 40 cm / Length: 60 cm / Height: 11 cm

Orbit Equipment for Pilates Exercises
Atro Pilates Orbit



This unit is a simple unit designed to use at the studios or houses. Main function of the unit is to improve the abdominal muscles. A proper usage of this tool can help you to create 6-pack abdominal muscles in a short time. It also helps with the flexibility and balance exercises.


  • Equipment is designed as a sturdy item to enable you to perform perfect movements and made of hard wood
  • Equipment upholstery is made of first class, antibacterial leather.
  • Holders both enable easy transportation and extra ability of exercises.
  • 4 double-bed, first class, polyurethane wheels are used.
  • Equipment maintains the right movement weight even at heavy body weights.
  • Wheels are designed to enable easy rotation at every direction (360 degrees).
  • It can be safely used on every floor thanks to its robust construction and comfortable pad surface.
  • It is ideal for body exercise that involve circular and linear movements at different difficulty level
High Quality Wood

We use certified, high quality beech wood material with four layers of opaque varnish.

First Class Leather

Leather parts of the equipment are from the first class, antibacterial leather material.

Upper Level Springs

We use only the first class stainless steel springs. There are 5 types of springs for the carriage.


Our units are made in UK and we ship our equipment from our London factory. The equipment comes in box and the customer is expected to install it using our user guide. You can download our user guide here along with the catalogue of our equipment.

Atro Pilates is British manufacturer of pilates equipment and tools. It produces the most common pilates equipment such as pilates reformer, cadillac, tower unit, ladder barrel, chair etc. All pilates equipment can be customized according to customer requirements.

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