Joseph Pilates, the creator of pilates designed Pilates Chair equipment for the small New York houses. Chair is nowadays widely used for both the body control and balance exercises.
Initial chairs were without the handles. However the handles give the opportunity for dozens of extra exercises.

The advantage of chair equipment is its compactness. Two wheels at the bottom of the body make it easy to move the chair after completing the exercises. The wheels do not touch the ground during the exercises. Therefore, the chair is robust and stable during the exercises.

Atro pilates chair equipment production

Chair comes with 4 pieces of springs with 2 different levels of hardness. The user can replace the springs easily once they are wore or just to upgrade to the harder springs. The color of the leather is black, by default, however different colors are available, upon request.

First chair equipment are created by adding some features to ordinary kitchen chairs. After a short time, the manufacturers started to produce a special chair equipment for pilates exercises. Exercises on the Chair gives the flexibility, strengthen the abdominal and leg muscles.

Atro pilates chair equipment production



The main part of the chair is sitting part. Naturally this part is used during the most exercises.
Unlike the classical design, we have added 2 handles to the chair, for increasing the quantity of chair exercises.
There are 2 foot bars for the leg exercises. The springs connect the foot bars to the main body. The spring quantity and spring type determine the hardness of the exercise.

High Quality Wood

We use certified, high quality beech wood material with four layers of opaque varnish.

First Class Leather

Leather parts of the equipment are made of first class, antibacterial leather material.

Upper Level Springs

All springs are made of first class steel. 5 types of springs are used for the carriage.



Our pilates chair equipment are made in UK and we ship our equipment from our London factory. The equipment comes in box and the customer is expected to install it using our user guide. You can download our user guide here along with the catalogue of our equipment.